Friday, January 13, 2006

Immigration Law Scholar Testifies in Alito Confirmation Hearings

Our own NORA DEMLEITNER (Hofstra) testified this morning in the Alito confirmation hearings.  According to,

9:08 Prof Demleitner establishes that she considers herself politically liberal, and wants to explain why she and other former Alito clerks who are more liberal then the Judge look up to him and support his confirmation.

9:06 Hearing has been reconvened. First panelist is Professor Nora Demleitner from Hofstra Univeristy law school, a former Altio clerk.


10:16 Sessions is next and asks Demleitner about an instance when she asked Alito to change his mind. She says that as a liberal she was very often sympathetic to defendants and was worried about that when she accepted her clerkship with Alito. But she says he was very clear that he wanted her to express and discuss disagreements she had with his rulings and reasoning. Demleitner said Alito always listened to her reservations about opinions.


Nora was in good company.  Among others, Tony Kronman (Yale),  Erwin Chemerinsky (Duke; and Dean finalist at UNC), Charles Fried (Yale), and Larry Tribe (Harvard) testified on the panel this morning.



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