Friday, January 13, 2006

A "Political" Immigration Reform Proposal

One opinion on immigration reform, For the entire commentary, see

Here are excerpts:

The Border’s Vital Center by Dick Morris January 12, 2006

Republicans face one of the trickiest political problems they have faced as a party since Clinton pre-empted their program through triangulation and left them temporarily devoid of issues.

As the number of illegal immigrants mounts in the United States, the demands of the party’s nativist constituency for tighter border controls and immigration enforcement threatens to put it at odds with America’s rapidly growing Hispanic population, dooming the GOP to possible minority status not
just in California and New York but in Texas and Florida as well.

The push-pull between Hispanic demands for respect and nativist concerns about job loss, crime, education costs and urban crowding, all exacerbated by illegal immigration, poses a huge problem for party leaders.


The obvious answer to these concerns is a grand bargain that couples the strictest border defense with a generous guest-worker program, granting legal status to Mexican immigrants and regulating their numbers, working conditions, and wages — and assuring that they contribute to Social Security
and other taxes.


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