Thursday, November 10, 2005

Immigration Law Syllabus Bank

Below are some syllabi for immigration-related courses.  First are courses in Immigration Law or Immigration Law and Policy; second are courses on Refugee Law and Policy (and forced migration); third are more specialized immigration courses; and finally there is a link to an older database of syllabi (2002).

If you have a syllabus you'd like to share, please feel free to contact us.

I.  Immigration Law and Policy Courses:

Recently offered immigration courses:

Download MotomuraImmigrationCitizenshipSyllabusCompositeSpr2006.pdf  (a composite PDF document that gathers together the four installments of Prof. Motomura's syllabus)

Download Yale-Loehr.2006.syllabus.doc  (Immigration and Refugee Law)

Download lawrence.Emp&Fam.3units.doc

Download Legomsky.3unit.ImmLaw.doc

Download Yale-Loehr.Cornell.coursedescrip.rtf Download Yale-Loehr.Cornell.syllabus.doc

Download Caplow.Brooklyn.3units.wpd

Download andySchoenholtzImmigrationAndPolicy.doc

Download Benitez.GW.3units.wpd

Download fernandoChangImmigAndPolicy.doc

Download Rose.Vanderbilt.syllabus.doc

Download SylbankJuly2002.doc

II.  Refugee Law & Policy:

Download gallagher.UniversitatJuame.ref&forced.migration.doc

Download Ramji.Schoenholtz.Georgetown.2units.doc

III. Specialty courses

Download ImRightsSylPt1F05.pdf (conveys the structure and approach of Motomura's "Immigrants Civil/Political Rights Seminar."  Actual readings are chosen by students (to relate to their papers) as the seminar proceeds.)

Download cox.Removal&Relief.pdf

IV.  2002 Syllabus bank (with table of contents at the beginning of the document):
Download SylbankJuly2002.doc

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