Monday, January 8, 2018

Time's Up: Celebs Step Up for Working Women

Reese Witherspoon, Tracee Ellis Ross, Natalie Portman, America Ferrera and so many other actors have organized and supported a legal defense fund for women suing their employers for sexual harassment.  Time's Up has over 300 female supporters from the entertainment industry.  Attorneys Tina Tchen and Roberta Kaplan are founders of the fund, as well. The Time's Up Legal Defense Fund has raised over $15 million to date. The legal defense fund will assist lower income employees to fight discrimination and harassment in the workforce. 

The fund will be administered by the National Women's Law Center.  The Center's website says:

"This Fund will enable more individuals to come forward and be connected with lawyers — regardless of industry, rank or role.  Countless activists, celebrities, and other donors want to see an end to a culture that allows sexual harassment and retaliation of those who courageously step forward to go unpunished. This effort is not just to support women in Hollywood, but others in need – the factory worker, the waitress, the teacher, the office worker, and others subjected to this unacceptable behavior. Now is the time to finally stop the sexual harassment and retaliation that has often gone unchecked."

This fund is important for many reasons, and one important reason is to unite women of all income levels and diversity.  The #WhatAboutUs movement is best replaced with #WomenUnited.  While lower earning women might feel even more victimized  due to lack of resources to defend themselves and the lack of choice that resources bring, separation of women at this time divides the power, as well as the results.  

You may donate through the Center or through GoFundMe.

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