Monday, September 11, 2017

Guerrilla Guide to Teaching Human Rights

Law students today demand classrooms that  are responsive to the "movement moment" in the U.S.  As you prepare your courses, check out the new Guerrilla Guide to Law Teaching #6: Human Rights Law

According to the authors, "[t]his Human Rights Law Guide aims to identify opportunities for a critical approach to the teaching of human rights law in all of its contexts: larger survey courses, seminars on specific human rights issues or related topics, clinics, and pro bono activities. It is organized around sample modules to allow for incorporation into a range of courses geared towards substantive areas of rights (including Health Law, Labor & Employment Law, National Security Law, & Business Law), practice areas within human rights, and lawyering itself."  Links are provided to make it easy to incorporate these resources into your teaching.

As of this writing, there are seven other Guerrilla Guides posted: on clinical law teaching, immigration, administrative law, evidence, use of biography in class, and criminal law, with one more setting out four principles of law teaching in this moment.  In the U.S. human rights area, another resource -- for reference or teaching -- is Davis, Kalb & Kaufman, Human Rights Advocacy in the United States.

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