Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Norman Dorsen: Indefatigable Fighter for Human Rights

We join others in the civil and human rights community in mourning the death of our hero, Norman Dorsen.   Distinguished professor at NYU Law School, former chair of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, founder of the Society of American Law Teachers, winner of the Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award . . . these are only a few of Professor Dorsen's contributions to civil rights and human rights in the U.S. 

For more reflections on his remarkable career as a scholar and advocate, we recommend the collection of tributes published by NYU Law School, available here.  Hopefully, many readers will want to know more, perhaps pursuing historical scholarship on the movements and cases in which Dorsen was involved or to analyze more closely a lawyer's life well lived.  For those readers, Professor Dorsen's papers relating to his political and scholarly work are in NYU's repository; a guide is available here.

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