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May 8, 2008

Event: NAFSA seeks registrars for workshops

Dear 2008 NAFSA Preconference Workshop Chairs and Participants:


Greetings!  My name is Michelle Grant and I am the 2008 NAFSA Preconference Workshop Liaison of the Local Arrangements Team (LAT).  With less than 3 weeks before the NAFSA conference, I only have Registrars for 17 of the 52 workshops.  I recently received the participant lists for all of the workshops, so I am writing to request volunteers to be Registrars.  The Registrars will provide on-site support before and during each of the Preconference workshops.  Please carefully review the instructions regarding responsibilities of the Preconference Workshop Registrar:


(1) Stop by the Workshop Information Table one hour prior to the start of the workshop to pick up the workshop Roster. The Roster will provide a list of all pre-registered workshop participants.


(2) Be seated at the table near the entrance to the workshop at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the workshop. Check off the names of workshop participants on the Roster as they arrive.


(3) How to mark-up the roster:

a. If a participant has a registration ticket but his/her name is not on the roster, please clearly write his/her name, institution, and e-mail address on the roster.

b. If the person is not on the roster and does not have a registration ticket, please send him/her to the Workshop Information Table located near Conference Registration.

c. Please ask the participants to confirm that their e-mail address is correct; this is especially important as workshop evaluations are handled electronically.


(4) You may be asked to distribute workshop materials by the workshop trainers.


(5) You must return the marked-up workshop Roster to NAFSA staff at the Workshop Information Table directly following your Workshop.


Please note:  **You will only receive the $80 refund for serving as Registrar if you return the roster.** 


Besides attending the actual workshop, the additional benefit of being a Registrar is an $80.00 refund off the Preconference workshop registration costs.   If you are interested in being a Registrar for the Preconference workshop for which you are registered, please send me an e-mail as soon as possible with the date, Workshop title and number. I have attached the list for your quick reference.  I will be taking volunteers on a first-come, first-served basis until all the remaining slots have been filled.  I will also follow up with a confirmation e-mail. By close of business next Wednesday, 5/13/08, I will send out another e-mail to let you know if any more Registrars are needed, so I will not be able to respond to individual requests for general updates. Please keep in mind that this e-mail is being sent to all the participants (several hundred), plus the Chairs, attending preconference workshops where Registrars are still needed, so I implore your patience during this process. 


I understand that the Preconference Workshop Chairs will receive final rosters of those participating in their respective sessions soon, so be on the lookout for this information.  I do not have the most up-to-date lists, so I recommend waiting for the final roster.   


Many thanks, in advance, for your time and attention to this urgent call. 



Michelle Grant

Senior Program Officer

Foreign Fulbright Student Program

Northeast Student Services Annex




Education (IIE)

1400 K Street, N.W.,   Suite 650






Tel:  202/326-7881

Fax:  202/326-7809

E-mail:  mgrant@iie.org

Web:  www.iie.org

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