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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Published This Week

Zenon Zabinski, Bernard S. Black, The Deterrent Effect of Tort Law: Evidence from Medical Malpractice Reform, SSRN.

Hanneke Verwey, Pieter Carstens, Informed Consent to Cosmetic Surgery – Does a Broader Duty of Disclosure Exist?, 76 J. of Contemp. Roman-Dutch Law 642 (2013).

Isabell Hensel, Gunther Teubner, Horizontal Constitutional Rights as Conflict of Laws Rules: How Transnational Pharmagroups Manipulate Scientific Publications, SSRN.

Eric Vogelstein, Competence and Ability, 28 Bioethics 235 (2014).

Jenni Millbank, Eloise Chandler, Isabel A. Karpin, Anita Stuhmcke, Embryo Donation for Reproductive Use in Australia, 20 Journal of Law and Medicine 789 (2013).

Isabel A. Karpin, Jenni Millbank, Anita Stuhmcke, Eloise Chandler, Analysing IVF Participant Understanding of, Involvement in, and Control Over Embryo Storage and Destruction in Australia, 20 Journal of Law and Medicine 811 (2013).

Bianca Phillips, Telemedicine: Why the Law Must Change to Promote a Better Healthcare System, 11 Privacy L. Bull. (2014).

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