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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Game of Succession

It is almost always dramatic when a well-known figure resigns. So it was this week, one leader gone and another swiftly nominated. Almost inevitably the process and new nominee were subject to conservative sniping. Then, Secretary Sebelius resigned! While the press suggested a tainted legacy, the opposition began to salivate over further damaging health reform during the succession hearings. Nominee Burwell has impeccable credentials, even if being a "manager's manager" may work better as alliteration than a call to arms. Of course, the list of ACA tasks to get right over the next couple of years is daunting and goes well beyond leading a team of web developers. The administration has flagged some of the most controversial parts of the law by delaying them and things will likley be more difficult the second time around. However, the greatest expectation of the nominee is highlighted in the White House press release, "Sylvia was confirmed unanimously by the Senate to lead the OMB less than a year ago, and has a record of building bipartisan consensus to get things done." Here's to optimism!

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