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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thank You to February's Guest Bloggers

HealthLawProf Blog would like to thank our February guest bloggers Professor Sharona Hoffman, Associate Professor Laura Hermer, and Associate Dean Elizabeth Pendo. Here is a short recap of thier posts:

Professor Sharona Hoffman posted the following: Privacy v. Data Use - How to Balance Competing Goals, Is Big Data Necessarily Better Data?, On Receiving A Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis, and The Costs of Falling When Elderly.

Associate Professor Laura Hermer posted the following: Getting Reform Through Reform: "Let's Make a Deal", A Return to Hard Paternalism, Obamacare - Job Killer?, and Unhealthy Waiver Proposals.

Associate Dean Elizabeth Pendo posted the following: Consumer Ratings of Accessible Healthcare Offices and Facilities,  and New Study: Quantifying Lack of Access for People with Disabilities.

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