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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Published This Week

Stephanie M. Greene, After Caronia: First Amendment Concerns in Off-Label Promotion, 51 San Diego L. Rev. (Forthcoming 2014).

Ayesha Ahmad, Do Motives Matter in Male Circumcision? ‘Conscientious Objection’ Against the Circumcision of a Muslim Child with a Blood Disorder, 28 Bioethics 67 (2014).

Sami Jabir Alsolamy, Islamic Views on Artificial Nutrition and Hydration in Terminally Ill Patients, 28 Bioethics 96 (2014).

Farhat Moazam, Aamir M. Jafarey, Bushra Shirazi, To Donate a Kidney: Public Perspectives from Pakistan, 28 Bioethics 76 (2014).

Aasim I. Padela, Steven W. Furber, Mohammad A. Kholwadia, Ebrahim Moosa, Dire Necessity and Transformation: Entry‐Points for Modern Science in Islamic Bioethical Assessment of Porcine Products in Vaccines, 28 Bioethics 59 (2014).

Mohammed Ghaly, Pre‐Modern Islamic Medical Ethics and Graeco‐Islamic‐Jewish Embryology, 28 Bioethics 76 (2014).

Alison Shaw, Rituals of Infant Death: Defining Life and Islamic Personhood, 28 Bioethics 76 (2014).


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