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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Published This Week

Seema Mohapatra, Using Egg Freezing for Non-Medical Reasons: Fertility Insurance or False Hope? - Legal, Ethical, and Policy Considerations, SSRN.

Mohammad Rubaiyat Rahman, Bimanual Test (Two Finger Test) of Rape Victims: South Asia Case Study, SSRN.

Nir Eyal, Denial of Treatment to Obese Patients - The Wrong Policy on Personal Responsibility for Health, 1 Int'l J. of Health Pol'y & Mgmt. 107 (2013).

Jason Block, Walter C. Willett, Taxing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: Not a 'Holy Grail' But a Cup at Least Half; Comment on 'Food Taxes: A New Holy Grail?', 1 Int'l J. of Health Pol'y & Mgmt. 183 (2013).

Charles E. MacLean, Creating a Wanted Poster from a Drop of Blood: Using DNA Phenotyping to Generate an Artist's Rendering of an Offender Based Only on DNA Shed at the Crime Scene, 36 Hamline L. Rev. 357 (2013).


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