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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Developments in Long Term Care

As someone who teaches in the health/insurance law area, I get a lot of questions about long term care insurance. Much of the literature in the area is turgid and forbidding for nonspecialists. Corporate brochures are long on promises and short on "worst case scenarios" that could easily befall those who misunderstand the "product."

I commend the Diane Rehm show for hosting an excellent discussion of LTC here. Lawyers of a certain cast of mind will relish the calls in the last half of the program, featuring real life stories of recissions, pre-existing condition exclusions, hidden premium hikes, and all manner of ingenious fine print designed to keep profits high and payouts low. The CLASS Act would have addressed some of these issues. One of the triumphs of the "Anti-Obamacare" Tea Party movement was to get that repealed. Maybe they're counting on 401(k)s. [FP]

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