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Saturday, February 25, 2012

ACA and Disparities

I was recently speaking at the Conference on Race, Class, Gender and Ethnicity (CRCGE) at UNC-Chapel Hill.  I heard a terrific talk by Ronny A. Bell on health disparities, which mentioned many initiatives in the ACA that aim to narrow the health disparities gap.  Here is a bit on Bell's background:

Dr. Bell is Professor in the Division of Public Health Sciences, Department of Epidemiology and Prevention, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, with training in nutrition and epidemiology.  Dr. Bell’s primary interests are chronic disease prevalence and risk factors, with particular emphasis on ethnic minority populations. He is Director of the Maya Angelou Research Center on Minority Health. Dr. Bell served as the Principal Investigator of the HEARTQUEST project, an NHLBI-funded contract serving as one of six vanguard Enhanced Dissemination and Utilization Centers (EDUCs) nationwide. The project targeted African Americans, Native Americans and whites in Robeson and Columbus counties, North Carolina, to address the tremendous cardiovascular disease burden in these communities.

While on my way to the conference, I read John McDonough's post on the need for critics of the ACA to propose their own methods of improving health care in the US.  I am particularly interested in whether critics of the Act have proposals to address disparities, or prefer to redefine or deny the problem.


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