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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lessons for Health Innovation at Rutgers-Camden

Congratulations to Greg Lastowka, Ellen Goodman, and Michael Carrier on the launch of the Rutgers Institute for Information Policy & Law!  I found the RIIPL's panel on gene patents yesterday a very interesting discussion of the Myriad case and its broader implications.  

The panel on communications networks also included comments quite relevant to the future of innovation in health care.  One panelist noted how severely Wall Street punished a major telecommunications company when it invested in better networks, sending its stock price plummeting and its bond rating lower.  In an era of strip-and-flip casino capitalism, we should be quite wary about expecting "the market" to invest in long-term improvements to social welfare.   This discussion of critical drug shortages shows how catastrophically cutthroat competition has threatened public health in the US by generating increasingly unstable and precarious supply chains.    


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