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Monday, June 13, 2011

Kaiser Family Foundation Series on Health Insurance and Reform

Kaiser Family Foundation will be posting a new series of short notes that dissect and help explain the implementation of health reform and the private health insurance market. The series is called “Notes on Health Insurance and Reform” and will feature timely posts that clarify complex regulatory and insurance topics, provide context for ongoing policy debates, and foreshadow significant implementation challenges.

The four initial posts address:

  • Recent changes to the high risk pool program and what it may suggest about the relationship between the federal government and states on other aspects of reform.
  • The lack of reliable information about insurance premiums and underlying costs, and how new regulations on state and federal reviews of unreasonable premium increases could help.
  • Why consumers may need help with the financial aspects of buying coverage through the health insurance exchanges.
  • How the approaches and decisions made by states and the federal government to implement health reform could substantially affect its ultimate results.

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