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Friday, June 17, 2011

Discussion on Pharma Face-Off

I was recently invited to debate issues in the Vermont data mining case on the program Pharma Face-Off. We've had some pro-PhRMA and anti-PhRMA perspectives at Health Reform Watch over the past year, and the program continues the conversation. I've been a bit tied up giving 6 talks in four cities over the past 8 days, but I'll have some thoughts on it next week. One preview of my counterintuitive take: I think IMS Health (and its ally, PhRMA) are likely to win this case, but it could prove a Pyrrhic victory. The less doctors can constructively structure their encounters with detailers and reps, the more likely they are to shut them out altogether (a "solution" to the excessive influence problem that both Justice Scalia and IMS Health's counsel, Tom Goldstein, repeatedly mentioned in oral arguments). Be careful what you wish for. [FP]

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