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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Medicare lessons from NY-26

Republicans won big with seniors in 2010 by attacking Democrats over the reform law’s Medicare cuts. How predictable was it that, this year, Democrats would attack Republicans if they put out a plan with Medicare cuts? About as predictable as politics can get.

And likewise, now that the Democrats have gotten so much mileage out of beating up on the Ryan plan — a process that will continue with the upcoming Senate vote on it — expect a sharper Republican attack against any Medicare savings plan the Democrats put out on their own. That includes Obama’s deficit reduction plan, which strengthens the Independent Payment Advisory Board, the reform law’s panel of experts who are supposed to propose more Medicare savings. 

Perceptive piece by David Nather in Poliitco, available here, on the lessons to be learned about Medicare reform and electoral cycles. For an early piece on IPAB by Tim Jost in NEJM, see here and for current attacks on the Board from all sides as reported by the New York Times, see here.


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