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Friday, March 18, 2011

Worth Reading This Week

Paul M. Secunda, The Forgotten Employee Benefit Crisis: Multiemployer Plans on the Brink, SSRN

Robert A. Mikos, A Critical Appraisal of the Department of Justice's New Approach to Medical Marijuana, SSRN/Stanford Law & Policy Rev.

Lawrence O. Gostin, Peter D. Jacobson, Katherine L. Record & Lorian Hardcastle, Restoring Health to Health Reform: Integrating Medicine and Public Health to Advance the Population's Wellbeing, SSRN/U.Pa.L.Rev.

Sallie Thieme Sanford, What Scribner Wrought: How the Invention of Modern Dialysis Shaped Health Law and Policy, SSRN/Richmond J. Law and Public Interest


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