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Monday, February 22, 2010

Seton Hall Announces Summer Study Abroad International Health Law Program

Seton Hall University School of Law’s Leuven-Geneva Program in Health, Intellectual Property and International Law combines a broad-based introduction to the laws, policies and institutions of the European Union (EU) with a unique, interdisciplinary examination of cutting-edge issues in intellectual property, pharmaceutical development and global public health.  The Program will consist of two courses. European Union Law, a two-credit course,will be taught mainly at the Leuven Institute in  Leuven, Belgium and will include a special trip to Luxembourg to visit the European Court of Justice. Students will also visit some of the main EU institutions in Brussels, such as the European Parliament and Commission.The goal of this part of the Program is to introduce students to the essential principles and institutions of the EU and to explore firsthand the challenges facing this unique confederation of different languages and cultures. For the Geneva component of the Program, students will study Health and Intellectual Property Law in a Global Environment, a four-credit course, co-taught by one intellectual property law professor and one health law professor.  The course will be conducted in collaboration with Geneva-based international organizations involved in health and intellectual property law issues, including theWorld Health Organization, UNAIDS, theWorldTrade Organization and the World Intellectual Property Organization. Students will work on a series of case studies related to the work of these organizations, both in the classroom and in on-site meetings with organizational representatives. In addition to students from the Seton Hall Program, the Geneva component of the Program will also be open to students from the University of Zurich Ph.D. program in Biomedical Ethics and Law.

More information about the program is available here:

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