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Monday, September 7, 2009

School Lunches - the New "Social Justice Issue of Our Time"?

Replacing fatty, high sodium and inexpensive foods served in school cafeterias across the country should be more of a priority for Washington, advocates Ann Cooper. Cooper is currently the the interim director of nutrition services for the schools of Boulder Valley, Colorado and the founder of Food Family Farming and consultant to Whole Foods Market for school lunch campaign. There are signals that her message is being heard in Washington:

Congress is due to update and reauthorize the Child Nutrition Act, which, among other things, dictates the details of the $9.3 billion National School Lunch Program, through which some 30.5 million students receive free or reduced-price lunches (and, in many districts, breakfasts and after-school snacks). That number has been growing lately, as the tough economy has led to increased participation in the program at every grade level since 2005, according to the School Nutrition Association (SNA), a national organization based at National Harbor.

Read more from WSJ here.

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Health Care Reform: Obama Will Talk Specifics

WSJ reports that President Obama is ready to talk about his specific position on the health care reform debate. Be prepared to tune into Obama's speech on Wednesday.

Until now, Obama has resisted taking firm positions on specific elements of a broad health-care bill, instead expressing openness to many ideas. But the approach has left lawmakers divided over contentious elements, such as how to rein in costs. And with a growing chorus in favor of a slower, less ambitious approach, Obama is inching toward a proposal that would bear his name and carry the political risks of sponsorship.

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