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Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Study: Ice Cream Favorites Divided by Male/Female

Majikthise helpfully points out an interesting study that breaks down the types of ice cream favored by  men and women.  The study report states,  

Mintel has released new findings about the varying ice cream preferences of men and women. According to the Chicago-based market research firm, seven in 10 men prefer plain ice cream flavors, such as chocolate or vanilla, while 74 percent of women look for those varieties featuring chocolate or candy bits.

Despite this marked split, each gender seems to enjoy the other’s preferred type of ice cream: 66 percent of women say they also seek out plain ice cream, and 63 percent of men eat enhanced flavors as well.

On the other hand, fruit flavors don’t fare too well for either men or women, with fewer than one in three respondents interested in fruit-flavored ice cream. . . .    

I am a big fan of strawberry sorbet on super hot days.

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