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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NewsHour on the Flu

Tonight on the NewsHour - Health Concerns Create Economic Worries in Mexico

Tonight on the NewsHour: Senior NewsHour correspondent Ray Suarez looks at Mexico City's attempt to balance the safety of its residents during the H1N1 outbreak with the economic health of businesses and workers around the city.

 For more information and more reporting from Mexico on the flu outbreak, please visit our global health site at

Last night, the NewsHour had an interesting segment on the flu as well:

Flu in Mexico

Tonight on the NewsHour: Senior correspondent Ray Suarez reports from Mexico City on the new developments in the H1N1 epidemic. The NewsHour spoke with Mexico City residents affected by the illness and visited with top government epidemiologists, frontline doctors, and public health officials for the latest on what to expect from the virus.

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