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Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama's Health Summit

The Associated Press provides a quick summary of the health summit, stating,

President Barack Obama summoned allies, skeptics and health care figures of all stripes to the White House on Thursday to debate ideas for overhauling the nation's costly system and declared, "The status quo is the one option that is not on the table." The big Washington session — Obama called it a health care summit — and meetings to follow around the country show the new president's push for expanded health insurance will be more open and inclusive than the Clinton administration's failed attempt 15 years ago. . . .

The U.S. system is the world's costliest and leaves an estimated 48 million people uninsured. Although he wants coverage for all, the president suggested a willingness to compromise even if it means not fully meeting his goal. That, too, was a break from former President Bill Clinton's posture in the 1990s when he promised to veto any health-care measure that didn't give him what he sought. . . .

On Capitol Hill, Democratic leaders in both the House and Senate rallied behind him, saying Thursday that they hoped to have a health care reform measure passed by the end of the summer. . . .

The New York Times Opinionator blog provides some quick takes from the Health Summit. 
Also, NPR's morning edition and the NewsHour had some good overviews of some of the conversations that took place and the open minds that many seem to have about the ability to make health reform a reality. 

Here is some video from the Washingtonpost showing President Obama's speech at the summit. Ezra Klein provides pictures.

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