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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Looking for a Date on Valentine's Day

Well, here is a helpful new website for those searching for a good match and so appropriate since we just  Darwin's Birthday and Valentine's Day are so close -- GenePartner.  DailyBeast tells us about this new dating site and states,

. . . . Darwinian dating will soon be available though online dating sites that offer GenePartner, which cheek-swabs that potential matches can use to gauge long-term compatibility. The premise is based on the somewhat controversial science of histocompatibility, which suggests that potential mates can "sniff out" immuno-diversity in each other, which helps produce more satisfying sex and healthier offspring. The success of this Switzerland-based service seems like a long-shot, but cofounder Tamara Brown, a sweetly persuasive Amelie-lookalike with a PhD in molecular genetics who met her own husband in 2002 on uDate, insists it helps users "find someone who will be biologically compatible, which means high attraction, better sex life and, if you choose to have children, a high possibility of healthy pregnancies and healthier children."-

Wow - it sounds so romantic . . .

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