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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Myths About Health Care Reform

The Wonk Room provides a handy list of the 10 myths about health care reform.  Here is the list and also find a helpful discussion and de-bunking of these myths. 

As the 111th Congress considers health care reform, conservatives and their industry allies — so-called opponents of health care reform — will likely embark on a misinformation campaign about the consequences and implications of expanding access to affordable health care coverage. The Wonk Room has compiled and debunked the right-wing’s most widely circulated myths about reform.

Myth 1: Health care reform will limit patient choice.
Myth 2: Americans will lose their existing coverage.
Myth 3: The government will ration care.
Myth 4: Affordable health care reform will create a government monopoly.
Myth 5: A new public program will only drive-up health care costs.
Myth 6: Health care reform in Massachusetts is “an unfolding disaster.”
Myth 7: Being uninsured is not a problem; it’s people’s own fault.
Myth 8: Illegal immigrants are driving the nation’s uninsured problem.
Myth 9: Health care reform won’t save money.
Myth 10: Deregulating the health care industry will solve the health crisis.

1. Health care reform will limit patient choice. In an editorial published in the Washington Post, Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) argued that what health care reform really “means is limiting freedom - the freedom to choose a doctor, to take your health care with you when you switch jobs, to make personal medical decisions.” [Washington Times, 11/19/2008]

REALITY: Progressive reforms would provide more choice, not less. Under progressive proposals, Americans will have the choice to keep the employer plan they currently have or buy an affordable plan from the national insurance exchange. Individuals and small businesses will be able to “compare private coverage options and a public plan and to purchase the policy that would work best for them.” [Wonk Room, 11/12/2008] . . . .

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