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Monday, January 5, 2009

Improving Hospital Transparency

Paul Levy, writing at the Health Care Blog, has a resolution for the new year involving hospital transparency.  He writes,

. . . What if all of the hospitals in the Boston metropolitan area -- academic medical centers and community hospitals -- decided as a group to eliminate certain kinds of hospital-acquired infections and other kinds of preventable harm? And what if they all committed to share their best practices with one another and to engage in joint training and case reviews in these arena? And what if they all agreed to publicly post their progress on a single website for the world to see?

Let's start simply. 

My candidates:

1 -- Eliminating central line infections (Metric: The number of CLIs, as defined by the CDC.  Goal = 0)

2 -- Adopting the IHI bundle to help avoid ventilator associated pneumonia (Metric:  Percent compliance with the bundle.  Goal = 100%)

3 -- Adopting the WHO protocol developed by Brigham and Women's Hospital's Atul Gawande for surgical procedures (Metric: Percent of surgical cases in which the pre-op, time-out, post-op checklist has been followed. Goal = 100%)

I have to admit - his resolution and hopes for 2009 are somewhat less selfish than mine.

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