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Monday, January 12, 2009

Health Care Reform

Ezra Klein points out some new data on health care trends since 1994.  You can download the paper, complete with helpful charts and graphs here.  Looks like health care reform should be at the top of the agenda in 2009 since we aren't getting better health care and people are much worse off.  Here is part of his post:

Over at CAP, Ben Furnas pulled together a bunch of charts and graphs tracking trends in health care since 1994. The quick takeaway is that not only have things gotten worse, but that many things are getting worse at an accelerating rate. This is actually an important point. When you don't fix health care reform, you're not left with the status quo. You're left with the continuing deterioration of the status quo. Prices continue to rise. More join the ranks of the uninsured. More go bankrupt. More die. The status quo gets worse. And on some level, people know that. . . .

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