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Monday, December 22, 2008

Beware: Wii Injuries

The holiday season spoiling folks at the British Telegraph bring us the news that doctors are concerned about injuries from excessive Wii play.  The newspaper reports,

Images_2 The games, which encourage players to mimic the actions of sports, can cause   painful sprains and fractures, they added. Although the games have been praised for encouraging people to be more active,   using them incorrectly or for long periods can lead to injuries.

This year, the Wii is predicted to be one of the most popular Christmas   presents. But doctors said those who spent too long on the games, especially   those unused to exercise, were at risk of strain. Researchers at Leeds Teaching Hospital have identified an injury they called "Wii   knee". Last year, osteopaths reported that they saw an increase in back   patients after Christmas, and blamed the trend on fathers trying to keep up   with their children on the machines.

The British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) also said there had been an   increase in the number of injuries caused by excessive use of Wii.  Richard Milner, of the BSSH and a consultant plastic and hand surgeon, said   that he expected the number of patients to increase over Christmas. He said: "We   treated a patient this week who had injured herself using a Wii. She was   playing tennis with a partner and fractured one of the bones in her finger   when he hit the back of her hand with the control.". . .

Perhaps some more warnings are in order . . . .

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