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Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Reading

Perhaps you have some extra time this summer and are looking for an informative book about the corruptin of medical research, your search is over --  Professors Thomas O. McGarity and Wendy Wagner have written a new book entitled Bending Science:  How Special Interests Corrupt Public Health Research.   From the University of Texas Law School website,

Using alarming stories drawn from the public record, The University of Texas law professors Thomas O. McGarity and Wendy Wagner describe in a new book how advocates for special interests employ a range of devious tactics to manipulate or suppress research on potential human health hazards.  Harvard University Press is publishing the book, Bending Science: How Special Interests Corrupt Public Health Research. It is scheduled for release on May 31, 2008.

In their book, McGarity and Wagner describe how scientists can find their research blocked, or find themselves threatened with financial ruin. Corporations, plaintiff attorneys, think tanks, even government agencies have been caught suppressing or distorting research on the safety of chemical products.

Bending Science reveals that ideological and economic attacks on research are part of an extensive pattern of abuse and corruption, and the authors make a compelling case for reforms to safeguard both the integrity of science and the public health . . . .

To read an excerpt from the book on-line or order a book from Harvard University Press go to

Thanks to Brian Leiter for the link.

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