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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Health Care Reform in Chart Form

Ezra Klein brings us the easy-to-read chart version of various plans for health care reform to show how difficult or easy it may be to change our system and provide universal coverage.  He starts with our current system and then examines the Hacker Plan (Economic Policy Institute) and Healthy Americans Act (Sen. Wyden (D)) proprosals.  I have not attached the final two charts but they are available at Ezra Klein's website. 

. . . yesterday, I was working on an article comparing different roads to universal coverage, and looking particularly at the way they sell cost controls politically and implement them in the policy. Now, folks know that I think the single largest factor promoting cost control is integrating the system. So I dug into some of the various plans and tried to figure out how far they'd go towards bringing us under one roof. First, here's what private insurance system currently looks like:


Totally fractured. Remember, in particular, that the big blog of "employer sponsored insurance" is not one system, but hundreds, maybe thousands, of individual insurance systems, split up by region. A more accurate graph would break that into Blue Shield of California, Blue Cross in Massachusetts, etc.

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