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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Better & Cheaper Health Care without Insurance blog has a great article by Chrisin Laun entitled, "How to: Get Better, Cheaper Health Care Without Insurance (25 Tips, Tricks and Resources)."  The list provides some valuable information for obtaining access to medical care such as:

  1. Take advantage of walk-in clinics. Chances are, if you just have a head cold or need a refill on a prescription like birth control pills, you don't need to head into a full-fledged hospital or even a traditional doctor's office. These facilities tend to be cheaper and can suit the needs of most people for any minor illnesses or medical issues. Major retailer Wal-Mart has even announced plans to open their own clinic, allowing you to get a diagnosis for your cold while you're picking up some chicken soup. Many chain drugstores like Walgreens and CVS already have this kind of clinic on-site.
  2. Consider alternative therapies. Chronic back pain and stress related illnesses, no matter how annoying they may be, may not always warrant a trip to the doctor's office. Many alternative therapies like massage and acupuncture can be just as effective and might save you a few dollars in the long run. Before starting any of these therapies, however, make sure you are in the proper condition to do so.
  3. Try a nurse. Nurse practitioners can often give patients just as good of care as doctors, but at a much lower cost. When care from the two are compared, studies have shown that nurses often have more time to spend with patients and do just as good of a job diagnosing problems. . . . . 

I think that some of my students will find this helpful. The article also discusses ways to gain access to pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.  Thanks to Sally Thompson for this article and for information about

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