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Monday, February 4, 2008

SEIU Puts Money Behind Universal Health Care

Ezra Klein updates us on the push for universal health care - writing about the recent decision of the SEIU to spend $75 million promoting universal health care (Take that Harry and Louise!).  He writes,

It's a really big deal that SEIU has committed to a $75 million campaign for universal health care. More important, by far, than the opinions and strategies of the individual presidential candidates is the strength, commitment, and ferocity of the coalition pushing for reform. Politicians are, at the end of the day, politicians, and they will do only what they believe to be possible given the realities of the moment. SEIU's efforts, along with those of the many other groups I reported on in this article, will shape the moment.  And they, not the candidates, are why we actually have a chance.

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