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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Some Controversy Over Democratic Health Care Plans

In Iowa, both Democratic candidates Clinton and Obama have been arguing over their health care plans recently.  Ezra Klein, as usual, does an excellent job describing both plans and the controversy here and here, and the Wall Street Journal discusses the recent uproar over the topic of who will cover more Americans and whether a mandate will provide an answer to some of our health care problems.   The Journal states,

Clinton says Obama’s health care plan, which doesn’t require everyone to get coverage, would leave out 15 million people. Clinton’s own plan requires everybody to get coverage. But Obama says there’s not enough money in Clinton’s plan to pay for everybody to do so.

Both candidates are probably right, more or less, and which plan would cover more people is anyone’s guess, according to stories this morning in the WSJ and the New York Times. . . .

The WSJ notes that both candidates say they’d spend roughly the same amount of money — about $110 billion a year — on their plans, which share many similarities. The NYT points out that just because you have a mandate, it doesn’t mean everybody will follow it, citing the fact that an estimated 15% of the nation’s drivers flout the mandate for auto insurance.

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