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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Diane Rehm Show - Wednesday, November 14th

The Diane Rehm Show has several interesting medical-related topics on its show.  First, during the 10am hour, the show will review a recent study examining ADHD in children.  The NPR website states,

A new study finds children considered troublemakers in kindergarten will do just as well academically as their peers in later school years. There's also new research on children with A.D.H.D. suggesting a possible brain development delay but no long term deficit. New insights on evaluating and educating young children with behavior problems.

The guests include:  Sharon Landesman Ramey, Director, Center for Health and Education, Georgetown University; Dr. Philip Shaw, Psychiatry Fellow, National Institutes of Mental Health. E-mail:; Greg Duncan, Edwina S. Tarry Professor of Education and Social Policy Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

I have read a little about the study.  I am not sure whether it examines and explains ADHD/ADD in adults but the study's results may change how medical practicioners, parents and schools address these mental health issues.

The next hour of the Diane Rehm show is a review of Shannon Brownlee's book, "Overtreated,"  NPR states,

Many Americans assume more medical treatment means better health care. But a medical journalist says too much medicine can make us sicker and poorer. She explains how unnecessary tests and procedures are not only expensive and wasteful but can actually harm our health.  Shannon Brownlee, senior fellow at the New America Foundation is the guest.

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