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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Health Benefits to Global Warming

Thinkprogress provides more information on the administration's response to its censoring of CDC director's Dr. Julie Gerberding's global warming health remarks.  Here is a brief excerpt from the White House Press Secretary Dana Perino:

In her press briefing yesterday, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino responded to reports that the White House “eviscerated” Center for Disease Control director Dr. Julie Gerberding’s Senate testimony on the “Human Impacts of Global Warming.” She claimed that “the decision” was “to focus that testimony on public health benefits” of climate change.” “There are public health benefits to climate change,” asserted Perino.

Asked to explain what some of those benefits are, Perino said that climate change “would help those individuals” who die from cold-related deaths every winter“:

Q: And one more. You mentioned that there are health benefits to climate change. Could you describe some of those?

MS. PERINO: Sure. In some cases, there are — look, this is an issue where I’m sure lots of people would love to ridicule me when I say this, but it is true that many people die from cold-related deaths every winter. And there are studies that say that climate change in certain areas of the world would help those individuals. There are also concerns that it would increase tropical diseases and that’s — again, I’m not an expert in that, I’m going to let Julie Gerberding testify in regards to that, but there are many studies about this that you can look into.

Science Progress has the unredacted version of Dr. Gerberding's remarks.

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