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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Universal Access: Representative Kagan

Over at Talking Points Memo Cafe, Representative Steven Kagan (and former physician) provides a summary of his plans for health care reform.  He will be writing each day to provide further details about this ideas for change and ways to achieve universal coverage.   He writes,

The nation's health care system is in critical condition, and slapping another Band-Aid on it won't help. Believe me, I know. As a physician, I've been healing my patients for 30 years. But I had to run for Congress to begin to make sure they can afford their prescriptions without having to choose between taking their next pill or eating their next meal.

It's time for my fellow members of Congress to stand up to Big Insurance and guarantee universal access to affordable care for every citizen. Here's how:

Openly disclose all prices - so the real price of all health care services and products is always visible and openly disclosed. That way, we'll know the price of a pill before we swallow it.

Unitary Pricing - so we all pay the same price for the same product or service, like ordering from a restaurant menu. Show us your price, and then charge every citizen the same.

Form a single risk pool, made up of all 300 million citizens - with no discrimination against anyone who has a pre-existing condition - to leverage down prices for all of us.

Renew our commitment to care for "The least of these" among us - so all our children can reach their full potential, all our working families have an equal opportunity to be healthy, and all our senior citizens can afford the care they need without having to quietly skip a meal.

And before my Congressional opponents, who support Big Insurance, reach for their partisan talking points about "government run health care," ask them to do what I did--reject their own "government-run" Congressional health package until every citizen they represent has the same health care benefits offered to them. . .

. . . .you can learn more in Clarence Page's column from yesterday's Chicago Tribune.

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