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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

TB and Quarantine/Isolation Take II

I am not sure why patients are responding with flight when informed that they have a contagious disease that requires them to stay away from others.  Perhaps the hospitals and health officials are scaring them or perhaps people are just showing an extremely unattractive selfish side or could it be the hospital food . . . ?.  ABCNews reports on the latest TB flight from an Arkansas hospital,

A man placed in isolation after he was diagnosed with contagious tuberculosis broke a hospital window and fled, health officials said.

Unlike the Georgia lawyer who was under a federal quarantine after flying to Europe with what was then believed to be extensively drug-resistant TB, Arkansas health officials said the man who fled has a form of tuberculosis that would respond to treatment.   

Franklin Greenwood, 50, is still contagious, though, health officials said. Greenwood was placed in isolation at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences hospital on June 29 after he was seen coughing up blood outside the city's traffic court. He left the hospital on July 1.

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