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Monday, June 18, 2007

Flu Stories

Interesting update on the Flu Stories project and some information that may be helpful for personal use or perhaps in helping teach Health Law and Public Health Law courses:

TFAH ("Trust for America's Health") hosted a fascinating Fred Friendly seminar exploring a hypothetical flu pandemic breaking out in Indonesia (sound plausible?). What would President Lowell Weicker, Jr. and Governor Tom Kane do about the Super Bowl scheduled a week after the outbreak in Gov. Kane's state? What do the President's science advisors say? How would the media handle it? And how would blogging (yes, we were at the table in the form of a science blogger from Scientific American) change how media handled it?

The seminar was taped, and I hope it will wind up in a viewable slot on a PBS near you. . . .

To help you, tool kits are being created by HHS and by other interested parties (we'll help create and/or host some by fall at Flu Wiki). Simple checklists for individuals, schools and businesses are available at

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