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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Artificial Reproductive Technologies

The Diane Rehm show had an interesting discussion of the use of artificial reproductive technologies today: 

Helping people who otherwise might never have had children become parents is becoming a big business in the U.S. But advances in reproductive technology - from in vitro fertilization to egg and sperm donation and surrogacy - are also raising ethical and societal issues. A look at how science is helping those who otherwise might never have had their own genetic children... and the questions it is raising for parents, partners and society.


Dr. Kathy Hudson, founder of the Pew-funded Genetics and Public Policy Center at Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Robert Stillman, Medical Director of Shady Grove Fertility Center, in Washington, DC and Baltimore.

Liza Mundy, a feature writer at "The Washington Post Magazine."

The show did not discuss too much some of the prenatal genetic testing that co-exists with some of these technologies but the New York Times has recently run some interesting articles and letters to the editor (here, here and here) discussing the impact of prenatal testing on disabled individuals, and their relatives, and whether such testing and how people respond to such testing should be more heavily regulated.

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