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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

WSJ: "Government-Funded Care Is the Best Health Solution"

The title of this post is only a little misleading.  The quoted headline did appear in the Wall Street Journal today, but not as the position of the editorial board of the paper, simply as the title of a piece by occasional columnist Benjamin Brewer, M.D. ("The Doctor's Office").  Whatever the merits might be for a single-payer government health insurance program (and I think the good doctor nails the argument right on the head), it's ironic that his opinions appeared on the same day, and in the same paper, as a page-one story about the $1.7 billion in stock options racked up by the CEO of UnitedHealth, which makes its money negotiating around the inefficiencies of the present system. The story is here (might require a paid subscription, though I am told the link will work for the next 7 days; if you want the article, I can e-mail it to you).  [tm]

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