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Sunday, April 2, 2006

Latest from the Law Reviews

  • Griffith, John R. Note. A public health and safety exception: finding a "position of trust" where none exists. (United States v. Snook, 366 F.3d 439, 7th Cir. 2004.) 13 Mo. Envtl. L. & Pol'y Rev. 54-66 (2005). [L][W]
  • Nation, George A. III. Obscene contracts: the doctrine of unconscionability and hospital billing of the uninsured. 94 Ky. L.J. 101-137 (2005-2006). [L][W]
  • 66 LOUISIANA LAW REVIEW, SPECIAL ISSUE, DECEMBER, 2005: Symposium: Proceedings of "The Genomics Revolution? Science, Law and Policy". 66 La. L. Rev. 1-143 (2005).
    • Malinowski, Michael J., Bartha Maria Knoppers and Claude Bouchard. Introduction. 66 La. L. Rev. 1-7 (2005).
    • McGinnis, J. Michael, M.D. Population health and the influence of medical and scientific advances. 66 La. L. Rev. 9-20 (2005).
    • Knoppers, Bartha Maria. Overview of law and policy challenges. 66 La. L. Rev. 21-31 (2005).
    • Yoon, Paula W. Risk prediction for common diseases. 66 La. L. Rev. 33-41 (2005).
    • Malinowski, Michael J. Taking genomics to the biobank: access to human biological samples and medical information. 66 La. L. Rev. 43-67 (2005).
    • Wells, Robert. Intellectual property/ownership issues. 66 La. L. Rev. 69-77 (2005).
    • Greely, Henry T. Population participation and other factors that impact the compilation and the utility of resulting databases. 66 La. L. Rev. 79-90 (2005).
    • Woodcock, Janet, M.D. FDA policy on pharmacognenomic data in drug development. 66 La. L. Rev. 91-102 (2005).
    • Moe, Jeffrey L. Commercialization considerations for individualized diagnostic and drug therapies resulting from pharmacogenomics. 66 La. L. Rev. 103-116 (2005).
    • Rothstein, Mark A. Liability issues in pharmacogenomics. 66 La. L. Rev. 117-124 (2005).
    • Clayton, Ellen Wright, M.D. Implications for existing law/regulations. 66 La. L. Rev. 125-129 (2005).
    • Ossorio, Pilar N. Race, genetic variation, and the Haplotype Mapping Project. 66 La. L. Rev. 131-143 (2005).

Lexis [L] and WestLaw [W] links are courtesy of the Marion Gould Gallagher Law Library at the University of Washington.  [tm]

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