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Monday, April 24, 2006

Humanities Invades Medical School Curriculum

From, this post:

At Some Medical Schools, Humanities Join the Curriculum

17 Apr 2006 - A growing number of medical schools are adding humanities to the usual forced march of physiology, pathology and microbiology.

The link is to an April 17 article in the N.Y. Times.  Permit some shameless self-promotion on this point.  I've been teaching a literature course at the University of Texas - Southwestern Medical School for the past 10 years, offered as an elective in Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Pediatrics to fourth-year medical students, together with third-year law students.  It's a fantastic way to give the students a humane and humanistic grounding in their chosen professions.  I recommend the humanities influence in medical education wholeheartedly. [tm]

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