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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Doctor's Salaries

Erza Klein has an interesting post and graphic on how much doctors should be paid for their services.  He writes:

Doctors, to some extent, work for the public good.  Why shouldn't the country subsidize their education -- particularly if they go into high-need specialties or work in inadequately served areas -- but lower their pay?  Or at least allow for many more nurse practitioners?  As part of it, we can follow this doc's advice and use the power of the state to restore job quality for doctor's, allowing them to turn their attention from paperwork and bureaucratic haggling and back to patient care.  Because the truth is, our nation's doctors are great, but they're not twice as good as Germany's, or Canada's, or Japan's.  Not near it.  Our rates of negligent malpractice remain high, and our outcomes are no better.  And being a doctor shouldn't be about the money anyway, though the cost of following that route has ensured it will be.  We've scattered perverse incentives all about, and offering a more affordable path and enjoyable career in return for somewhat lower salaries would go far towards fixing them.

Please check out his website to see the difference in salaries between doctors in the United States and doctors in other developed countries.[bm]

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