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Friday, March 3, 2006

Misleading Health Information?

I find articles like this one posted at Majikthise rather upsetting.  If you don't agree for moral reasons with certain drugs or other health choices that are available to people (mostly women), just say so - I respect that more than if you instead apparently make up scary health risks to prevent people from using or accepting whatever health product you find objectionable.  From Majikthise:

Emma, an OB-GYN blogging at The Well Timed Period, spotted a very suspicious claim in the Medline Plus entry on ectopic pregnacy:

The "morning after pill" is associated with a 10-fold increase in risk of this condition [ectopic pregnancy] when its use fails to prevent pregnancy.

MedlinePlus is a online health encycolpedia for consumers published by the National Institutes of Health. . . . .

Emma goes on to review the literature.

Synopsis: If ECP increases ectopic pregancy, nobody told science. Au contraire, ECP is so effective at preventing pregnancy that it reduces a woman's risk of both ectopic and regular pregnancy.


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