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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Choosing a Medicare Drug Plan

The Wall Street Journal has been running a series of articles examining some of the concerns and difficulties that seniors have experienced in choosing a Medicare drug plan.   In yesterday's piece, the WSJ interviewed a couple with several options for prescription drug coverage.  The couple, who currently buy many of their drugs outside the United States, discussed their difficulty making an economically sound decision on a drug plan.  The wife, in particular, seems to feel pressured to make a decision that she doesn't feel ready to make and has worries that the costs will change.  The story states,

Originally, Mr. Marten planned to sign up for the AARP MedicareRx plan. This month, he enrolled in a different plan, offered by Humana Inc. Mrs. Marten, meanwhile, had said she wouldn't sign up for a Medicare drug plan at all, then later said she'd enroll, reluctantly. Now, she's back to her original position.

Mrs. Marten says she's been wary of the drug benefit all along, mainly because she's concerned it wouldn't end up saving her any money. "She had felt too much pressure from me and that's why she agreed the last time around," Mr. Marten says. "I eased up and she [decided against enrolling] again."

To view the other stories, click on the Medicare Dairy link on the Wall Street Journal home page (subcription required), you can also look to the following links for additional stories:

• discusses the benefit with Medicare chief Mark McClellan

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