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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Brian Leiter on the Latest US News Rankings

Well, that didn't take long - Brian Leiter at Brian Leiter's Law School Reports has a critique of the latest US News rankings of law schools.  After reviewing the current set of rankings, he states,

Not a crazy set of results, but if we assume reasonably enough that "academic reputation" ought to track the quality of faculty and students, then some schools (UC Davis, Washington & Lee, Duke, Michigan, perhaps North Carolina, perhaps Northwestern) are too high, while others (UC Hastings, Illinois, NYU, BU) are too low, relative to the actual academic merits.  (Addendum:  It should go without saying, I hope, that these are my judgments about the relative merits only:  e.g., Michigan is "too high" in the sense that NYU is now clearly better; and so on.  Michigan can obviously have an outstanding faculty, which it does (and even before adding Laycock, Radin, et al.!), without it being sensible to rate Michigan on a par with NYU.  The same point applies to the other instances mentioned.)

He has some other thoughts as well that you can review here.  Thanks for Paul Caron for the cite.  [bm]

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