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Friday, February 3, 2006

Top 10 SSRN Downloads: Public Health Law & Policy

  1. Tort Reform and Accidental Deaths
    Paul H. Rubin and Joanna Shepherd
    Emory University - Department of Economics and Emory University School of Law
    Date Posted:August 11, 2005
    Last Revised:January 5, 2006
    Working Paper Series
  2. Does Medical Malpractice Reform Help States Retain Physicians and Does it Matter?
    Jonathan Klick and Thomas Stratmann
    Florida State University College of Law and George Mason University, Buchanan Center Political Economy
    Date Posted:November 19, 2003
    Last Revised:December 19, 2005
    Working Paper Series
  3. Mandatory Waiting Periods for Abortions and Female Mental Health
    Jonathan Klick
    Florida State University College of Law
    Date Posted:October 19, 2005
    Last Revised:November 7, 2005
    Working Paper Series
  4. Has Regulatory Devolution Injured American Workers? A Comparison of State and Federal Enforcement of Construction Safety Regulations
    Alison D. Morantz
    Stanford Law School
    Date Posted:July 7, 2005
    Last Revised:December 20, 2005
    Working Paper Series
  5. Sustainable Social Spending
    Assar Lindbeck
    Date Posted:December 5, 2005
    Last Revised:January 19, 2006
    Working Paper Series
  6. The Obesity Epidemic in Europe
    Anna Sanz De Galdeano
    Università degli Studi di Salerno - CSEF, Centre for Studies in Economics and Finance
    Date Posted:November 7, 2005
    Last Revised:November 14, 2005
    Working Paper Series
  7. The Impact of Parental Income and Education on the Health of their Children
    Orla Doyle , Colm Harmon and Ian Walker
    Geary Institute, University College Dublin , University College Dublin - Department of Economics and University of Warwick - Department of Economics
    Date Posted:November 18, 2005
    Last Revised:January 24, 2006
    Working Paper Series
  8. Autopsy on an Empire: Understanding Mortality in Russia and the Former Soviet Union
    Elizabeth Brainerd and David M. Cutler
    Williams College - Department of Economics and Harvard University - Department of Economics
    Date Posted:January 24, 2005
    Last Revised:January 5, 2006
    Working Paper Series
  9. Are there Missing Girls in the United States? Evidence on Gender Preference and Gender Selection
    Jason Abrevaya
    Purdue University - Department of Economics
    Date Posted:October 24, 2005
    Last Revised:October 24, 2005
    Working Paper Series
  10. Society Must Be [Regulated]: Biopolitics and the Commerce Clause in Gonzales v. Raich
    Lewis & Clark Law Review, Vol. 9, No. 4, pp. 853-877, 2005
    John T. Parry
    University of Pittsburgh School of Law
    Date Posted:November 26, 2005
    Last Revised:January 26, 2006
    Accepted Paper Series


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