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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Cartoon Roundup

The Supreme Court's decision in Gonzales v. Oregon (04-623, 01/17/06) seems to have captured the imagination of political cartoonists the past couple of weeks.  Copyright considerations militate against reproducing the cartoons here, but Slate (presumably under license) has loads of 'em, including 'toons by Jack Ohman (The Portland Oregonian), Dana Summers (Orlando Sentinel), Gary Varvel (Indianapolis Star), and Chuck Asay (Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph).

Bid flu is still popular, too, and has taken a (suprise) decidedly political turn in recent week, e.g.: Steve Breen (San Diego Union-Tribune), Eric Allie (, Bon Gorrell (National/Syndicated), Jack Ohman (The Portland Oregonian), and 3 from Stephane at Bangkok's The Nation (1-2-3).

And the Medicare prescription drug plan pulled down its fair share of ridicule: M.E. Cohen (, Jimmy Margulies (The New Jersey Record), Jeff Parker (Florida Today), and Mike Keefe (Denver Post).

Let's end with one on U.S. health care policy and the Iraq war from Bulgaria's Christo Komarnitski[tm]

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