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Monday, November 7, 2005

Cartoon Roundup

A feature I used to love doing back when I was running HealthLawBlog -- and the thought of copyright violations didn't bother me, because it was only my butt that was on the line and not Betsy's and Paul Caron's -- was a weekly roundup of political cartoons on health care issues.  I ran the cartoons (with attribution, of course) and nobody complained, presumably because my theory of what constitutes Fair Use was completely persuasive to the legal beagles at Universal Press Syndicate and other purveyors of fine political commentary.

Well, even if I can't run the panels on this page (by the way, didn't we used to say "what happens on healthlawprof blog stays on healthlawprof blog"?), I can run the links.  And what you do with the cartoons in your own classrooms, well, that's your business . . . .

Overview: Clear winners in the topical sweepstakes for this week: avian flu and the nomination of Sam Alito to replace S.D. O'C on SCOTUS . . . .

Medicare Reform/Drug Benefit
Signe Wilkinson (Phila. Daily News)

Avian Flu
Stuart Carlson (Milwaukee Sentinel)
Mike Luckovich (Atlanta Constitution)
Dick Locher (Chicago Tribune)
Lalo Alcaraz (Universal Press Syndicate)
Mike Luckovich (Atlanta Constitution)
Pat Oliphant (Universal Press Syndicate)
Jack Ohman (The Oregonian)
Pat Oliphant (Universal Press Syndicate)
Ben Sargent (Austin American-Statesman/UPS) (in honor of the first weekend of deer-hunting season here in the Lone Star State)

Supreme Court/Roe v. Wade
Ann Telnaes (CWS/NYTS)
John Deering (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)
Signe Wilkinson (Phila. Daily News)
Pat Oliphant (Universal Press Syndicate)
Steve Kelley (New Orleans Times-Picayune)
Ann Telnaes (CWS/NYTS)
Drew Sheneman (The Star-Ledger (Newark, N.J.))


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